Training course: IEC 60204, electrical safety of machinery

09 February 2015

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Training course: IEC 60204, electrical safety of machineryPilz Automation Technology is organising a training course Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of electrical safety on machinery and other installations. In particular, the course outlines the requirements relating to IEC 60204 (BS EN 60204), the International, European and British standard for electrical safety of machinery.

By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • understand the scope of electrical equipment to which IEC 60204 (and BS EN 60204) applies
  • be aware of the general and specific standard requirements to ensure the protection of those using the machine and also the machine itself
  • understand the specific requirements of control functions, control devices, control gear, etc, taking into account the operator interface with the machine
  • know what test and technical documentation requirements are necessary to verify that the machine or assembly complies with the electrical safety standard

Suitable for electricians and maintenance personnel, machine designers, system integrators, electrical engineers and safety engineers, this training course addresses the requirements that should be considered when designing, constructing or maintaining the electrical, electronic and programmable electronic equipment and systems in machinery and industrial equipment.

Topics covered during the course include:

  • Introduction to safety legislation
  • Review of the standards for safe construction of machines and plant
  • Electrical installation requirements
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Measures for protection against electric shockGood wiring practice
  • Requirements for operator interface with machine control functions and devices
  • Requirements for the location, mounting and enclosure of control gear
  • Validation and verification

The first course is scheduled for 3 March 2015 and the cost is £250 + VAT per delegate. In addition, Pilz can run this course at a company's premises at a mutually convenient date.

Follow the link for more information about the Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations training course.

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