SKF launch mobile app & vibration sensor SKF Enlight at Hannover

13 April 2015

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SKF launch mobile app & vibration sensor SKF Enlight at HannoverAt the Hannover fair, SKF will launch SKF Enlight, a package that combines a powerful new mobile app with a special Bluetooth-enabled sensor. It allows non-expert staff to gather expert data such as vibration and temperature information, using standard mobile devices on an on-demand basis, gaining access to SKF specialist analysis. SKF Enlight is a platform that combines a mobile app, special sensor and, if appropriate, intrinsically safe hardware to allow fast, simple gathering of data from machinery.

There are three key elements to SKF Enlight, the first of which is Data Collect, an app that turns a standard mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet into a data collection device. Data can be sent directly to the SKF cloud, for expert analysis by the global SKF Remote Diagnostic Centre (RDC) network. The second key element is the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD), a special sensor that measures vibration and temperature data – and relays it to Data Collect via Bluetooth. Finally, the third element is specially built Atex Zone 1-compliant tablets and smartphones, if users need to collect data in hazardous areas.

Christoffer Malm, Head of Connectivity Room at SKF says: “The app is extremely simple to use, allowing non-vibration experts to collect expert data. The user is only one button push away from RDC experts, who use their extensive knowledge to provide detailed analysis of a machine’s condition – and provide recommendations to rectify faults.”

The WMCD sensor, mounted magnetically to a machine, measures vibration and temperature data. This is then sent to the app – via Bluetooth – for visualisation. Vibration levels are benchmarked against ISO standards. The user sees the assessment as a simple ‘traffic light’ (red, amber or green) indicator.

In addition, the WMCD takes a simultaneous measurement of the bearing’s condition – using patented SKF algorithms to assess the severity of damage and wear. Again, results are displayed in traffic light format. In the event of a warning or alert in any of the measured parameters, the user can request an ‘On Demand Diagnostic’ directly from the measurement screen. Collected data is sent wirelessly to an SKF RDC, where a vibration expert can analyse the data and send a report as to the cause of the high vibration directly to the users email account.

Dedicated vibration analyzers require a high level of competence, and are expensive for one-off measurements. SKF Enlight provides low-cost, easy to use instrumentation, with instant connection to SKF expertise through its RDC network. It will help users carry out vibration monitoring in a way not currently fulfilled by systems such as route-based or dedicated high end analysers. Manufacturing facilities and repair shops are likely to be the first beneficiaries.

The SKF Enlight system is one of a series of innovations that SKF will showcase at this year’s Hannover fair (April 13–17). More information is available in hall 22, at booth B12, and on

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