CC-Link Partner Association brings on Cisco as Board member

22 June 2015

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CC-Link Partner Association brings on Cisco as Board memberThe CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), which exists for the purpose of promoting the widespread usage of the Ethernet-based industrial open network CC-Link IE, is announcing that Cisco will join the CLPA as a new Board member, and that they intend to collaborate on promotion of systems based on CC-Link IE. Cisco will participate in the CLPA, helping drive technology and requirements in the greater Asia Pacific area for industrial environments, such as manufacturing.

Digitisation in factories is a recent trend, and large-capacity networks are coming into demand along with the increasing need for IoT (the Internet of Things). In order to meet these demands and survive harsh environments, CLPA technology is based on the fast and reliable, 1GB bandwidth of CC-Link IE.

Cisco is a leader in Ethernet protocol and security technology, helping connect devices widely used in office automation and household appliances. In order to achieve greater efficiency and higher quality in manufacturing, IoE (Internet of Everything) by using data from connected things, will improve both business process and employee safety and decision making. Manufacturing industry is also trending toward the use of Ethernet. In particular, there are rising needs within factories for a flexible network infrastructure. An example is the preparation and maintenance of wireless environments through effective use of mobile terminals. This trend is also expanding into the collecting and organising of useful data for safer operations and improved product tracking.

The CLPA provides “CC-Link IE”, which uses Ethernet technology and has been widely adopted by manufacturing industries which require broadband performance and high reliability. While CC-Link IE has an original protocol architecture to secure communication determinism, as the terminals and networks used in the manufacturing industry have become more diverse, support for the use of TCP/IP technology was also added.

As a CLPA Board member, Cisco, provides expertise in Ethernet switches and wireless, TCP/IP and security technology and will help CLPA build a solid foundation of TCP/IP within a CC-Link IE network infrastructure. Manufacturing industry is now seeing a widespread demand for industrial networks that provide high security and determinism. CC-Link IE can answer these demands with gigabit performance while maintaining TCP/IP compatibility.

The CLPA Board takes a leadership position in decisions regarding CLPA activities. Aiming for acceptance of CC-Link IE at the global level, the Board is becoming an increasingly globalised management organisation. The participation of Cisco as the tenth Board member, following the US-based Molex in November 2014, will further this trend.

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CC-Link Partner Association - Europe (CLPA)visit website
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