ESAB offers welding helmet and air unit selection guide

20 November 2015

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ESAB offers welding helmet and air unit selection guideESAB Welding & Cutting Products is introducing a new Welding Helmet and Air Unit Selection Guide poster now available free of charge. The selection guide is designed to help welders identify the proper ESAB welding helmet and associated air unit for the specific welding process or project at hand. The poster format makes the guide a convenient and easy-to-use resource.

ESAB offers a broad portfolio of welding helmets for all levels of users from beginner and recreational welders to professional welders and those requiring a high-specification, multi-process head shield. The new Welding Helmet and Air Unit Selection Guide takes the guesswork out of helmet selection. Users can easily navigate the product range and select the headshield and available options in line with their application, personal preference, and health and safety requirements.

All ESAB Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) incorporates the latest in safety-related technology. The newest addition to ESAB’s PPE line is the Aristo Tech HD auto darkening helmet, which provides best-in-class optical performance with a large 100 × 60mm viewing area and new X-TIG mode for exceptional performance during low amp welding. The helmet is also offered with a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit. For more detailed information on this and other ESAB PPE products, visit

In addition to the selection guide, ESAB also offers a range of training/educational posters specific to welding processes (GMAW, GTAW, MMA, plasma, oxy-fuel cutting and oxy-fuel welding). Check with your local ESAB representative for details. To obtain your free Welding Helmet and Air Unit Selection Guide poster, contact ESAB at . This offer is valid for UK residents only and while supplies last.

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