Free White Paper: 7 Myths of version control and backup

05 April 2016

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AUVESY has published a new free White Paper, 7 Myths of version control and backup in automated production.

This white paper discusses the seven most common myths and misconceptions surrounding version control and data management in the current technological climate. A critical approach to this issue is reasonable, but only when it comes to questions such as 'what?' and 'why?' Users are faced with a broad variety of different ways to approach version control and backups, and the White Paper helps in identifying practical and useful options currently on the market.

The seven myths and misconceptions tackled in the White Paper are:

  1. Version control is unnecessary - our production facility has been running without this kind of software support for years
  2. Implementing a version control system is risky and expensive
  3. A version control system is primarily used to streamline the existing workforce
  4. Our current version control strategy does the job - more software just means more training
  5. A homogeneous automation environment is required
  6. Version control can only be made to work effectively when there are no external suppliers involved
  7. Backup and version control are like apples and oranges

Follow the link to download a free copy of the free White Paper 7 Myths of version control and backup in automated production.

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