Global Power signs Diamond Power Components as UK Distributor

31 May 2016

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Diamond Power Components has been appointed as the UK distributor for the major power semiconductor manufacturer Global Power Technologies Group.

Global Power Technologies Group is a California, USA-based integrated development and manufacturing company dedicated to products based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) technologies and Amorphous Magnetic Materials. These products will be fundamental to the power electronics and energy industries in future years where advanced technologies are needed to provide highly efficient power generation, conversion and transmission.

Products being commercialised and under development include SiC epitaxial wafers up to 200mm and SiC discrete power devices, as well as SiC-based power modules and subsystems for the EV/HEV, server, solar inverter, lighting, and power industries. Fast switching inductors based on novel Amorphous Magnetic Materials supporting SiC technology are also part of the GPTG technology portfolio.

Target markets for Global Power Technologies products include datacentre applications, industrial power electronics, power transmission and distribution, alternative energy, transportation, military and aerospace, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

Global Power Technologies capabilities include SiC devices (including bare die) of Schottky diodes in 600V, 650V, 1200V, 1700V and 3300V voltage levels, SiC MOSFETs from 1200V and offer these in discrete and module packaging variations. GPTG also offer IGBT/SiC diode Hybrid Modules and other Silicon based IGBT and Diode Modules including Fast Recovery versions.

Global Power Technologies is also happy to undertake custom designed power modules featuring a variety of die technology and sub-systems reducing time to market for its customers looking to implement the benefits of Silicon Carbide semiconductors..

Michael Di Gangi, VP of Business Development for Global Power Technologies, comments: “Diamond Power Component’s focused ‘design in’ strategy make them an ideal distribution partner for our SIC products in the UK market.”

Peter Hall of Diamond Power Components comments: “Partnering with GPT continues our strategy of working closely with niche Power device manufacturers who offer significant benefits over the established suppliers in the UK market.”

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