Pacepacker announces new case loading line at PPMA TOTAL Show

10 June 2016

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Pacepacker announces new case loading line at PPMA TOTAL ShowCombining the expertise of Two automation powerhouses, Pacepacker Services will announce its latest collaboration at PPMA TOTAL Show 2016 – a fully automated case loading line branded E-Pac.

Drawing upon the engineering expertise of fellow PPMA ‘Most Innovative Processing & Packaging Machine’ award winner Endoline, Pacepacker has developed the new E-Pac all-in-one case loading line to address the challenges of rising labour costs.

Pacepacker’s Managing Director Dennis Allison says: “Food and FMCG manufacturers are being hit hard by the new national minimum wage and changes to pension arrangements, and these challenges combined with retail price squeezes are prompting businesses of all sizes to explore the cost and efficiency benefits of automating case packing. For several years, both companies have experienced huge growth within these sectors and the PPMA TOTAL Show provides the perfect platform to launch E-Pac.”

With a variable throughput speed depending on the application E-Pac is a fully integrated turnkey system and seamlessly covers each step in the packaging process – case erector, loading, sealing and palletising. Elements of the system can be integrated into a full or partially automated production line and can be customised to suit each application.

Each E-Pac system is manufactured and managed at Pacepacker’s factory with full design and engineering input from Endoline. A dedicated, highly skilled E-Pac team has been created with both companies putting forward their best case loading specialists, giving customers double the expertise yet the ease of liaising with a single vendor.

Dennis explains: “For the end user, dealing with one supplier simplifies and speeds up the entire automation project from specification to commissioning. E-Pac customers get much more than they would from a system bolted together using components bought in from multiple vendors by a third party as they have greater access to technical choices without any compatibility issue. We are de-risking their investment.”

Benefiting manufacturers of food, household goods, personal care and pharmaceuticals, each E-Pac system is crafted to suit the application, product weight, budget and speed requirements. Endoline’s portfolio comprises over 40 case erecting and case sealing systems, while Pacepacker has 50+ high-speed pick-and-place options, including FANUC articulated robot arms and Festo Cartesian systems, giving customers the widest choice of technology through one source.

Dennis comments: “Each E-Pac system is mainly based around a standard product set that’s design is tailored to suit each application to accommodate virtually any budget and speed requirement, as well as a variety of primary packaging and multiple case formats.”

While Endoline and Pacepacker have worked together on many joint projects over the years previous, the launch of E-Pac is set to strengthen their allegiance. With the more recent E-Pac system being installed within one of the UK’s leading suppliers of flour and bakery mixes, both Pacepacker and Endoline are working on subsequent requests from customers who have realised the benefits that the combined alliance expertise will deliver.

To discuss your case loading needs with the E-Pac experts, visit the Pacepacker Stand C50 at PPMA TOTAL, or go to for further information.

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