SKF adds electric motor monitoring to its service portfolio

10 November 2016

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Responding to a growing trend by industry to adopt more predictive as opposed to reactive maintenance procedures, SKF is extending its predictive maintenance offering with the addition of an electric motor monitoring service. The new service, which makes use of purpose-designed equipment manufactured by SKF’s Fort Collins product and design centre based in USA, covers the entire range of motor condition monitoring applications, including static electric motor and generator analysis, dynamic electric motor analysis and motor current signature analysis.

Static motor analysis

Static motor and generator analyses are conducted using the fully automated and portable SKF Static Motor Analyzer Baker AWA series. Providing a thorough check of a motor’s circuit and insulation condition, this instrument provides a clear PASS or FAIL result for each test. Tests are performed in a specific order, starting with a low-voltage winding resistance test, insulation resistance, polarisation index, DC step voltage and surge test.

Dynamic motor analysis

Dynamic motor testing is facilitated with the deployment of the SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer – EXP4000, the latest generation of low-voltage battery-operated instruments that are capable of testing motors and generators whilst in operation. Multiple tests can be carried out to determine power condition, motor health, motor load and energy profile. The CM4000 software allows for real time monitoring and recording of 40 parameters, including voltage, current, frequency, torque, speed and percentage load. It is also equipped to monitor the performance of inverter driven motor applications.

Motor current signature analysis

Unlike dynamic analysis, only the phase currents are measured during this test to detect cracked and broken rotor bars or other mechanical issues. Also performed with the EXP4000, this test is normally carried out when the motor cannot be stopped to allow voltage connections to be made, or in the case of high-voltage motors, when low-voltage secondary connections are not available in the panel to allow safe connection of the equipment.

SKF provide specialist engineers to undertake surveys of industrial motor installations. Comprehensive reports are then made available to customers advising them of any actions or remedial work that may be required. For sites that are either difficult to reach or pose a hazard to personnel, SKF can also offer remote dynamic motor monitoring based on the SKF Online Motor Analysis System – NetEP, which is capable of monitoring up to 32 motors, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with data being sent directly to SKF for analysis.

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