CLPA webinar shows benefits of open gigabit industrial Ethernet

03 February 2017

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The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has announced the release of a webinar to impart knowledge on the wide ranging benefits of CC-Link and CC-Link IE. With about 17 million compatible devices installed, the CC-Link fieldbus and its Ethernet variant, CC-Link IE, are the de-facto automation standard in Asia and have a growing following in the rest of the world. The webinar outlines how key features of CC-Link and the gigabit Ethernet networking capabilities of CC-Link IE are making them so popular.

The webinar is directed at end users, system integrators, device makers and machine builders – addressing all operational levels of the technology. Furthermore, the webinar provides an insight into how CC-Link and CC-Link IE have become the leading industrial automation networking technology in Asia, and how businesses can join the CLPA to gain the benefits of reliable gigabit Ethernet networking. The webinar also describes the process by which products can gain compliance, while also addressing some integration strategies and outlining the software’s certifications.

Further topics covered include the capabilities of CC-Link and CC-Link IE, an introduction to the CLPA and how to gain membership, basic configuration of the networking software for applications, frequently asked questions plus the benefits of the Gateway to Asia (G2A) programme. The webinars are available in English, Italian and German language versions, and can be viewed on YouTube.

Supported by over 1600 certified products, available from more than 300 manufacturers, the CLPA is now bringing expertise from the Asian automation market to Europe as well as promoting compatible European developed products in Asia. The main component of this initiative is the Gateway to Asia (G2A) programme, which supports European businesses to increase their involvement in the Asian market.

The CLPA is an international association of over 2,900 companies and organisations who aim to promote and further develop the technologies, with the aim of increasing their adoption worldwide. The new webinars form part of this mission, providing information on key points of the technology in the format of short, informative and digestible videos.

CC-Link and CC-Link IE have become more prevalent in the European and North American markets due to their high performance, ease of use and many features for boosting productivity. CC-Link IE is the only open gigabit Ethernet technology in the world for automation applications, with its versatile nature making it suitable for all levels of integration. To find out more, watch the new CC-Link webinars here.

CC-Link Partner Association - Europe (CLPA)visit website
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