WEG at the Pump Centre Conference and exhibition 2017 in Telford

19 April 2017

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WEG will be showcasing the WG20 at the Pump Centre Conference and exhibition 2017. Held at the Telford International centre on the 11th May 2017, the event is widely recognised as the leader in its kind in the UK. The WG20 is a range of highly versatile modular geared motors that offer worldwide interchangeability and up to 96 per cent energy efficiency across a wide range of industrial applications requiring precise and reliable power transmission. The new geared motor will enable users to increase the energy efficiency of systems in their plants significantly, reducing associated energy costs.

The first geared motor to carry the WEG brand, the WG20 comes in standardised mounting dimensions to suit both new and existing drive systems, ensuring ease of installation and flexibility when retrofitting. It is designed to cover virtually all international supply voltages thanks to internal voltage switching, which makes it easily interchangeable.

Available in energy efficiency classes IE2 and IE3, the motors feature an advanced design, with the pinion directly mounted on to the motor shaft resulting in a two-stage gear unit (in place of the commonly used three-stage unit). In addition, the improved gear geometry featuring optimised gear teeth and high-quality ground gear parts ensure low-loss power transfer and low noise levels, along with reliable performance and extended service life.

Marek Lukaszczyk, Marketing Manager for Europe and the Middle East says: “The WG20, the first WEG-branded geared motor line, brings together the R & D and manufacturing competence of gear technology specialists Watt Drive in Austria and WEG Cestari in Brazil with WEG’s motor expertise and global sales and service network. By adopting smart design and optimised production processes, we have developed a top-quality geared motor range which fulfils all requirements of modern drive systems across a wide range of industrial applications around the world.”

The compact gear unit design also has a positive impact on the required lubricant volume. The gear arrangement and the advanced housing interior allow the gear units to operate with a low oil level. The optimised oil fill level and low friction losses in turn prolong the life of the seals and extend the oil change intervals, therefore minimising time and costs associated with maintenance.

The WG20 is built with helical, parallel-shaft and helical bevel gear units with rugged pressure-cast aluminium housings and is suitable for most industrial applications requiring torque ratings between 50 and 600Nm. International certifications further enhance the geared motor unit’s versatility, enabling users to operate it at 100 or 120Hz with variable speed drives.

For more information on WEG and the WG20 go to, or visit the company at the Pump Centre Conference and exhibition 2017.

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