Benefits of open gigabit Ethernet illustrated at ARC Forum

06 June 2017

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Following on the milestone of its 15th Anniversary, the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) was a corporate sponsor of the ARC Industry Europe Forum 2017 in Sitges, Spain. The Forum is one of a series of similar annual events organised globally by ARC and regularly attracts a large audience of top-level management from a spectrum of European manufacturing companies.

CC-Link IE and its fieldbus counterpart CC-Link are de-facto open automation network standards in Asia and have steadily been increasing their presence globally. With Industrie 4.0 placing a huge emphasis on increasing the ease of communication between devices, the CLPA took the chance to host a workshop at the Forum that explored the benefits that CC-Link IE’s gigabit Ethernet performance can bring to companies deciding their Industrie 4.0 strategy. The session included a panel discussion lead by ARC’s analysts and included participation by other industry leaders such as Hilscher, Mitsubishi Electric and the OPC Foundation.

This was followed with a presentation that examined how CC-Link IE is being used to provide solutions to automotive end-user Suzuki in demanding applications such as weld shops and overall line process control and monitoring.

Furthermore, the Forum included a showcase area where CLPA’s display offered attendees the chance to have one-on-one discussions with CLPA staff about specific features of CC-Link IE and how it might deliver solutions to their manufacturing challenges. CLPA also used this area to promote the extensive industry support CC-Link IE has received via a multimedia presentation of numerous partner testimonials regarding the network’s importance to their business. These can be seen on the CLPA’s YouTube channel at

CLPA-Europe general manager John Browett commented after the event: “Implementing Industrie 4.0 capabilities is one of the main challenges facing European manufacturing companies today. The CLPA believes that because of its unmatched gigabit bandwidth, CC-Link IE is a natural choice to deliver the necessary open network performance and capacity to these applications. We were pleased to be able to communicate this message to the industry leaders facing these challenges and hold high-level discussions on how our technology can help.”

Follow the link for more information about ARC Industry Europe Forum 2017.

CC-Link Partner Association - Europe (CLPA)visit website
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