BEARNIX-online design calculation tool for main spindles

31 May 2017

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BEARNIX-online design calculation tool for main spindlesBEARINX-online is a detailed spindle design calculation tool from Schaeffler that helps optimise bearings for main spindles early in the design process. This provides design engineers with a virtual environment in which they can test out and verify different spindle variants at an early stage, for example, based on mounting sequences or bearing sizes, and judge these based on different criteria such as contact pressure level, kinematics and tilting effect. If necessary, calculations can be checked by Schaeffler engineers in the full version of the BEARINX software. Due to an identical master data set and calculation unit, the results of the BEARINX-online spindle calculation will be exactly the same as if the calculation had been completed by a Schaeffler engineer.

Due to the special input assistant for main spindle arrangements, only a minimal amount of software training is required. Once users are familiar with how to operate the program and the design of the model used for the shaft system, the loads, operational and lubrication data can be entered and the results viewed. A separate summary is provided of the results for the main spindle bearing support. These include the grease operating life, the bearing kinematics, permissible pressures and the modified reference rating life to DIN 26281 or ISO/TS 16281.

Users of the BEARINX-online spindle calculation tool not only have the ability to complete professional spindle calculations, but will also gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay between the rolling bearings, spindle shaft and tool, which they can put to immediate use in their development projects.

The BEARINX-online spindle calculation tool is available online for Schaeffler direct customers and Schaeffler sales partners.

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