Easy online configurator for surge protection devices

28 August 2017

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Easy online configurator for surge protection devicesPhoenix Contact has released an online Surge protection for MCR technology configurator that helps engineers select suitable products for measurement, control and regulation applications using just two clicks.

Depending on customer requirements and the application, the configurator identifies suitable products from within the Termitrab range, which has over 100 variants of surge protector.

Phoenix Contact's selection guide provides a quick introduction to the most popular interfaces in MCR technology. The first click selects the signal to be protected (eg 0-10V analogue signal, digital inputs, Profibus DP, etc), then a second click selects the desired type (eg pluggable, not pluggable or 3.5mm ultra-narrow). The hitlist includes a product recommendation that corresponds to the requirements previously selected. If the interface that was searched for is not included in the initial selection, there is a further detailed search. Selecting the corresponding installation, product, and application properties leads to suitable candidate products.

In addition to the narrow Termitrab complete surge protective devices, the detailed search also includes the intelligent Plugtrab PT-IQ protective devices, as well as surge protection for Surgetrab measuring heads. The new configurator can be accessed by entering web code #1389 into the Phoenix Contact website search field, or follow the link for direct access to the Surge protection for MCR technology configurator.

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