Discontinued servo motor range still available from new supplier

14 August 2017

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Discontinued servo motor range still available from new supplierMotor Technology has been appointed by ICPE to provide sales, service and support for its popular ACM2n range of servo motors following news that some suppliers have either discontinued it or are phasing it out slowly. Motor Technology will now provide the full catalogue range of products, with exactly the same electrical and mechanical specifications, dimensions and options that were previously available from other suppliers.

Manufactured by ICPE since 2000 the ACM2n range of servo motors has been sold under various different names over the years, but it has always been manufactured by the same company. The motors are therefore available, from Motor Technology, as like-for-like, drop-in replacements, with exactly the same motor type coding and documentation. Modifications or custom designs are also available, including replacements for any that have been previously supplied.

The ACM2n motors are suitable for a wide range of applications where a reliable but cost effective solution is required. Covering nominal torque ratings, at 4000rpm, from 0.10 to 20Nm and stall torques of 0.13 to 34Nm and 5 frame sizes, they are high-performance, low-inertia, AC brushless servo motors.

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