Machinery Safebook 5: updated and expanded guide from Rockwell

11 September 2017

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Machinery Safebook 5: updated and expanded guide from RockwellRockwell Automation has released the latest version of its popular Machinery Safebook publication, which is a an in-depth guide to safety-related control systems for machinery.

Machinery Safebook 5 expands on previous versions with a host of new information, examples and calculations, maintaining and reinforcing its position as an invaluable, best-practice teaching and reference tool for anyone needing to understand the landscape and principles of the functional safety of machinery.

This 146-page book has been authored by machinery safety specialists and is structured into easy-to-digest chapters covering:

  • Regulations
  • Standards
  • Strategies
  • Calculations
  • Design concepts
  • Application examples
  • Tools

New and revised content in Machinery Safebook 5 includes:

  • Risk estimation changes: Updated from Safebook 4, this will enable readers to select the approach they need from official published guides and standards.
  • Risk graph: The 'Probability of occurrence of a hazardous event' has been introduced in accordance with the latest edition of EN ISO 13849-1, providing the possibility for decreasing the PLr by one level in some circumstances, depending on the foreseeable probability of occurrence.
  • Subsystems: More description on subsystems is now included to help readers understand EN ISO 13849-1 from the perspective of IFA's SISTEMA Performance Level Calculator.
  • System configuration examples: Several wiring/system examples have been updated to include state-of-the-art equipment. It also considers new and changed standards.
  • Application example: A clearer example has been used that is taken from one of many pre-engineered Machinery Safety Function documents that Rockwell Automation produces and makes available to anyone wishing to download them.
  • Products, technologies and tools: This new section outlines products for use in machinery safety and looks at them from a technology viewpoint. There is also a section on engineering software and guidance tools to help streamline machinery safety projects.

Over 20,000 copies of Safebook 4 are currently in circulation. With the release of Machinery Safebook 5 in multiple languages, Rockwell will expand on this circulation, offering guidance to even more machinery safety professionals. To help convey the information, the guide is available in eight languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Czech). Japanese and Portuguese will be available shortly.

The Rockwell Automation Machinery Safety website contains many relevant links, not only to the latest Safebooks – including the sister publication Process Safebook 1, which offers a similar guidance for process safety applications – but also to many other safety tools, resources, videos and software.

As with previous editions, Machinery Safebook 5 is free and can be downloaded as a PDF file and/or requested as a hard copy that will be posted on request. Just like previous versions, it is sure to become a go-to guide for many aspects of machinery safety. Visit the Machinery Safety website today and request a copy now.

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