Free White Paper: how to specify slewing ring bearings

09 October 2017

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Free White Paper: how to specify slewing ring bearingsR.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd is offering a free white paper, 9 questions to ask when specifying slewing ring bearings, which is published by Kaydon, an SKF Group company. The useful guide is written by Les Miller and David Van Langevelde of Kaydon; it runs to five pages and is illustrated throughout.

Slewing ring bearings, also referred to as turntable bearings, are advantageous for applications where the bearing must support an upper structure and facilitate its rotation. Typical applications range from heavy equipment such as cranes, excavators and wind turbines, through to military equipment (including tank turrets) and high-precision applications like machine tool indexing tables and optical devices.

To help engineers specify the correct slewing ring for a given application, the Kaydon white paper presents a series of questions that should be addressed during the design of the equipment and specification of the bearing. These go beyond the obvious load capacity to include the structural rigidity of the support structure, distortion of the mounting surface and the adequacy of the fasteners.

Other critical topics covered by the white paper include sealing, lubrication, and storage and handling. In addition, there is a section dedicated to the important subject of installation. Most importantly, readers are encouraged to discuss their requirements with slewing ring bearings experts if they are in any doubt about their application.

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd is the UK's exclusive distributor for Kaydon and also supplies its own Rodriguez-branded bearings. For many years R.A. Rodriguez has supplied slewing ring bearings for a broad variety of applications. Its engineers can therefore advise on selection or can refer any detailed questions to Kaydon.

Follow the link to downlaod a copy of the free white paper 9 questions to ask when specifying slewing ring bearings or to enquire about slewing ring bearings.

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