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04 January 2018

IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)visit website has launched Engineering Video Intelligence (EVI), a powerful new video transcript search function that enables users to keyword search within its entire video database to find exact and relevant time-stamped content. The online platform, run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), is claimed to be one of the largest dedicated engineering and technology video databases in the world and includes industry news, technical and regulatory updates, expert insight and interviews, as well as EngTalks and lectures. The new keyword search function that operates on transcripts is said to be the first of its kind.

The new functionality is far quicker than spending hours trawling through video content to find specific extracts and will be highly beneficial to practising engineers, technologists, academics and researchers who want to find accurate content quickly. The search functionality also enables users to navigate to individual words or phrases within the video while the video is playing and will recommend related videos from the database based on search results.

Mark Reynard, Head of, says: "Finding what you are looking for in a single 30-minute video can be hard enough, but with over 2500 videos in our recent collection it can be quite difficult for our users to get to the relevant information they need. Most websites utilise keyword search to direct a user to the videos that may match but the user then has to watch the whole video to find the part they really wanted.

"The IET has taken this to the next level using EVI. The database searches for the word or phrase in every transcript and returns search results based on the number of instances the word or phrase is used. The user can open the video and see the transcript with their search terms highlighted. Clicking these highlighted words will enable the user to jump to the exact point in the video, making it easier to find the information they are looking for.

"We have also added a great new function for saving clips of videos and playlists, allowing users to come back and easily find and share their favourite or most important video sections. This will be a useful feature for communities and academics who may want to share a particular video or part of a video with their group or class."

Users can now use EVI search by visiting the homepage or by using the EVI search toggle on the search results page.

IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)visit website
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