Dawson Shanahan invests further in cold forming capabilities

04 January 2018

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Dawson Shanahan invests further in cold forming capabilities Dawson Shanahan has further boosted its capabilities in cold forming by investing in a high-throughput Formax machine. This takes the company’s investment in new machinery to £500,000 for the third year in a row. Additional investments have been made in the company’s turning, milling and grinding capabilities, as well as in metrology and cleaning systems.

The Formax FX54M is a four-die, high-speed cold former that will boost output while extending Dawson’s offering to customers. Les Reeves, joint managing director of Dawson Shanahan says: “This investment will help us broaden our offering to customers, extending the range of work that we can do for them.”

The Formax FX54M, which is larger than any other of Dawson’s cold forming machines, will extend the company’s capability in two ways: its increased size will allow Dawson to make larger cold-formed parts; and its throughput of up to 190 pieces per minute will help raise overall production capacity.

In addition, the Formax FX54M is specially designed to allow fast tool changeovers. Tools can be pre-set – using a second tool pack on a jig – while a production batch is still running. Because the model includes pre-programmed, die-side ejection, tools can then be changed in as little as 20 minutes – a small fraction of the usual 4 hours required to change tools on a standard four-die header. Overall, faster tool changeovers will reduce machine downtime and help to raise production output.

An added bonus of this arrangement is that – with careful production scheduling – a third and fourth Die Pack allow Dawson to accommodate smaller batch quantities, with shorter run times. This, in turn, cuts the need for component inventory.

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