Play Heason’s ball-and-maze game at the Engineering Design Show

08 October 2018

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Play Heason’s ball-and-maze game at the Engineering Design ShowAt this year’s Engineering Design Show, Heason Technology (Stand G74) will demonstrate its capability and expertise for the customised design and build of multi-axis motion systems with a hexapod (parallel robot) demonstration rig in the form of a ball-and-maze game that visitors are invited to play.

The EtherCAT master controlled demonstration rig features six tightly synchronised servo-electric actuators in a Stewart Platform geometry that mirror the precision movement of a manually controlled ‘mini-hexapod’ joystick with six identically arranged linear position sensors. With X, Y, Z and pitch, roll and yaw motion available to the player. The complete system, designed and built in-house by Heason, combines precision positioning mechanics, servo drives, servo motors and other motion components from its distribution partners.

The demonstration rig includes Elmo Motion’s ‘Maestro’ series EtherCAT master and ‘Gold’ Solo Whistle servo drives that use powerful algorithms to synchronise the hexapod motion in combination with Kollmorgen AKM brushless motors driving Thomson Linear PC-series high-precision linear servo-actuators. For the joystick input, the mini-hexapod features VLPSC series linear potentiometer sensors, supplied by Variohm EuroSensor – Heason’s sister company in the Variohm Holdings Group.

As the exclusive UK distributor for Elmo Motion, Heason will showcase its broad line of intelligent motion control technologies and will be on hand to discuss applications in shared discussions with sales engineers from its UK subsidiary – also at the show on Stand G74. Highlights include the recently announced Double Gold Twitter miniature servo drive which delivers up to 160A continuous current at 80V DC from an ultra-small PCB-mounted package.

As a UK-Certified Channel Partner for Kollmorgen, Heason will be demonstrating the impressive capabilities of its single motor feedback and power cable option which brings benefits that include faster, simpler and lower cost installation. The option is well proven on the AKD and AKD-N servo drive range. Just announced and on the stand will be a new AKM 2nd generation motor with increased power density and improved torque/speed ratio. Also new from the global motion component and systems manufacturer, the new AKD2G servo drive that features a current loop update rate of 1.28 us to accommodate changing load conditions with almost immediate response. Other Kollmorgen products showcased will cover housed and frameless servo motors, direct drive servo motors, ultra-durable food grade servomotors together with servo drives and multi-axis motion systems.

Heason will also feature a comprehensive selection of precision mechanics, intelligent drives, motion controls and software equipment from many of its other esteemed distribution partners that all play an important role in its systems integration service.

From Thomson Linear – linear actuators, linear units and precision mechanics; From Spinea – high precision zero-backlash reduction gear units with high-torque capacity and very high levels of axial and radial rigidity; From Zetllex, the IncOder is a unique inductive sensor technology used to measure absolute position or speed accurately with very high levels of durability that suit harsh environment applications; Nanomotion’s direct-drive piezo-ceramic motor technology provides nanometre precision positioning, extreme acceleration and exceptional durability. From Servotecnica, a comprehensive range of slip ring assemblies and rotary joints.

Heason Technology’s technical team will be on Stand G74 at the Engineering Design Show, ready to discuss and demonstrate component level motion systems or complete multi-axis motion systems and its capability for motion system design, integration and build. For more information, go to

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