Video shows ESAB's improved OK 10.62 Flux for SAW processes

09 October 2018

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Video shows ESAB's improved OK 10.62 Flux for SAW processesESAB has produced a short video that shows the high deposition rate, smooth bead and excellent detachability of its improved OK Flux 10.62 (Advanced Slag Release). Follow the link to watch the video.

Thanks to very strong grains, OK Flux 10.62 benefits from excellent slag detachability as well as helping to achieve very smooth weld beads, soft transitions to side walls and concave weld bead profiles.

OK Flux 10.62 can be used with high parameters and all SAW (submerged arc welding) process variants such as Tandem, Twin, ICE, and three- or four-wire processes in every multi-pass joint type, including narrow gap. The strong grains also permit multiple recycling and extended flux hopper refilling intervals. In addition, disturbances during flux recycling and dust creation are minimised.

Supplied in BlockPac (moisture protection) packaging, OK Flux 10.62 contains a maximum moisture of 4ml/100g, so the flux produces weld metal with hydrogen content of a maximum 5ml/100g.

Follow the link for more information about ESAB's improved OK 10.62 Flux.

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