Universal Robots announces dates for UK Cobot Automation Tour

22 March 2019

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Universal Robots announces dates for UK Cobot Automation TourHave you ever considered how automation could benefit your operations but not been sure of where to start? If you would like to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of automation within the machinery and manufacturing industry, then join the industry experts at Universal Robots on its UK Cobot Automation Tour. At the event you will get hands-on experience of how collaborative robots work and hear directly from industry experts on how best to implement automation and optimise production, depending on your particular business needs.

Universal Robots will be taking its cobots across the UK all the way into the summer, with the next stop in Newcastle on 16 April 2049. From there on, the cobots will visit Birmingham, Edinburgh and Southampton, where the tour ends on 11 July.

Universal Robots believes that automation is for everybody. Throughout the tour, the aim is to prove that automation really is suitable for businesses of all sizes and all industries, especially those with highly specialised product lines. In order to demonstrate the wide variety of tasks that cobots can be programmed to carry out, a wide range of UR + partners will also be exhibiting their automation offerings at the events, providing visitors with the perfect opportunity to see a wide range of end-effectors and tooling. You will even get a chance to become a robotics handler for the day by operating one of our highly user-friendly cobots yourself!

Places are filling up quickly, so register now to reserve your space. Universal Robots is also touring Ireland, so you can also register to attend one of the Irish events.

To highlight how automation has helped businesses increase productivity, FT-Produktion, a Swedish machine shop supplying machinery to a wide range of customers including automakers, construction companies and the furniture industry, significantly increased production and efficiency at its factory by implementing cobots into their production line. The cobots have enabled factory operations to be more responsive to customer demands and offer greater product diversity than ever before. Given the wide range of tasks and volumes in the machinery industry, flexible automation was absolutely essential for FT-Produktion – the company now saves over 500 hours when manufacturing a series of 150,000 parts.

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