Machine Designers' Data Book for Safety: user-friendly reference

11 April 2019

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Machine Designers' Data Book for Safety: user-friendly referenceDesigners of machinery are tasked with two engineering problems: designing to make the machine function and designing to make the machine safe. Making the machine safe is an obligation, particularly in Europe where the EU Machinery Directive is implemented in national legislation. Harmonised standards have been prepared to help but there are over 700 of these, with information scattered across them and the diligent designer having to laboriously search for the guidance needed.

The Machine Designers' Data Book for Safety (available from Amazon) is an easy-to-search reference book containing tables, charts and formulas, compiled for machine design engineers, maintenance engineers and managers responsible for the safety of machinery. The objective of the book is to make standards more transparent and easy to use. The book summarises the most frequently used engineering guidance and calculations and focuses them into a quick, readable reference format, 'mapping' standards into an accessible format within one publication. Machine Designers Data Book for Safety also cross-references the topic sources, the EN standards and ISO and IEC standards, to enable their more 'in-depth' application when necessary.

Topics include:

  • Risk Assessment and Reduction
  • Inherently Safe Design
  • Machine Guarding and Protective Measures
  • Controls and Control Panels
  • Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Useful Reference Documents

Having laboriously worked through the 700 or more Safety of Machinery standards, the author addresses many questions, such as:

  • What is the necessary height of and positioning of guarding?
  • What is the safe reach distance?
  • What are the reaction and limits for touching hot surfaces?
  • Where is it best to position light curtains for safe effect?
  • What is the appropriate application of 'Safe Off' drives?
  • How to determine and verify safety system performance levels?

These and many more examples can only mean one thing: every machine design engineer must have this reference work on their desk.

Jon Severn, Editor of, comments: “This is an excellent resource, drawing together much of the standards-related data that machine designers need. Having all of this information to hand in one user-friendly book will save considerable time and make it easier to design-in safety at an early stage, rather than it being ‘bolted on’ at the end and costing more to implement. Highly recommended.”

About the author

The author, Robin Carver, is a qualified Safety Systems Engineer and a Safety Practitioner with over 40 years' experience in the design and assessment of a wide range of machinery in an equally wide field of applications and environments. He is involved in aiding and assisting companies with the safety of machinery, including bringing products and machinery to market (CE Marking), the use of work equipment (PUWER 98) and systems and product verification and validation. He has received formal recognition and is listed on the Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) as offering sensible and proportionate advice on machinery safety.

Follow the link to find out more and order the Machine Designers' Data Book for Safety.

Health & Safety Compliance Engineeringvisit website
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