New strain gauge installation video tutorials from HBM

07 May 2019

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New strain gauge installation video tutorials from HBMMeasurement engineers involved with strain gauge tests can avoid costly mistakes and ensure the best results with assistance from a series of installation videos from HBM.

Incorrectly installing a strain gauge puts accurate results at risk, as well as wasting time and resources. Designed to guide users through the steps required for the best possible strain gauge installation, the videos are broken down into categories including preparation, bonding and error checks.

HBM’s strain gauges provide users with an essential tool for stress analysis, part optimisation, safety testing and technical investigation, making them suitable for use in a wide range of different application areas such as vehicles testing (road load data), aircraft testing, ship hulls monitoring, bridge testing and other civil engineering applications.

For companies short on internal resources, HBM offers an on-site installation service for both electrical and optical strain gauges. More information is available at Follow the link to view the strain gauge video tutorials.

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