Overnight customised enclosures thanks to in-house machining

28 May 2019

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Overnight customised enclosures thanks to in-house machiningThere are literally thousands of off-the-shelf designs for electrical enclosures but there is still a significant need for customised electrical enclosures. Spelsberg UK recognises that requests for special products usually emanate from important projects, so has invested in a centre of machining excellence at its Telford HQ to meet these needs (scroll down to watch a short video).

Electrical enclosures made of high-performance plastic are available in many sizes and shapes, in multiple configurations for cable entry points, and with numerous options for switches, lamps and other accessories. But they are used in so many diverse applications that often there is no standard product that manages to meet all the job's needs.

Thus there is a significant need for customised options – standard products that have had secondary machining for various reasons: to enlarge cable entry points; add holes for switches, lamps, sensors and gauges; or engrave logos, operating instructions or safety information. Sometimes customised enclosures are one-offs, but more often there is a requirement for multiple units, and possibly an on-going serial demand.

Importantly, this customisation must be done while maintaining the structural strength and integrity of the enclosure and without detracting from its aesthetic appearance.

With so many considerations it is not surprising that OEMs and end users often choose not to undertake this work themselves, but to outsource it to a third-party company. However, outsourcing can create issues itself, in terms of adding extra time for preparing an accurate brief for the service provider, allowing for delivery to and from their machining centre and – initially at least – checking the capabilities of the chosen service provider.

24-hour turnaround

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic enclosures, Spelsberg UK has taken many of these worries out of the process by offering secondary processing as a mainstream service to its customers. It has a well-equipped machining facility in its headquarters in Telford and can commit to providing first samples within 24 hours.

The facility is built around four state-of-the-art CNC machines, each with milling, drilling, countersinking, tapping and engraving capabilities. These are operated by highly skilled staff who understand the need for fast turnaround and right-first-time operations. Furthermore, they fully understand the intricacies of the machine operations, including the need to maintain the correct temperature, tool speed and pressure for optimum cutting.

Each of the CNC machines features interchangeable bed fixtures, which allows any two or more of them to be set up to run the same job. Thus, multiple units can be produced rapidly.

Complex customisation needs can be met, including non-round holes, countersinking, chamfering and thread cutting. Logos, diagrams, other graphics and vital safety instructions can be milled permanently into the enclosures, so that they will not fade over time. Watch the video below to see what can be achieved:

Spelsberg UK takes the view that all of its enclosures should be absolutely top quality, whether they are a standard catalogue item or have undergone secondary customisation. The same principals are maintained on the customer service side for both standard and custom products, with rapid deliveries and full technical support fundamental parts of the equation.

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