White paper shows how composites can boost machine performance

04 June 2019

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White paper shows how composites can boost machine performanceA new white paper from composite manufacturing specialist CompoTech explains how carbon fibre reinforced composite materials can increase machine performance and improve accuracy by up to 50 per cent.

To date, composite materials have generally been limited to specialised machine and automation systems due to unfamiliarity among design engineers of their properties and value for money. However, composite parts can play a vital role in revolutionising machine performance and can address many of the major challenges facing designers today.

The white paper, which is available as a free download from the CompoTech website, explains the highly automated manufacturing process of axial fibre placement - which can produce beams and tubes that are 10 to 15 per cent stiffer as well as offering up to 50 per cent greater strength in bending. The white paper also covers:

  • the advantages of composites and how they differ from other materials
  • areas of application for improving speed of manufacture, productivity and quality
  • the cost benefits associated with carbon fibre and the significant savings available

Composite components can be engineered to deliver twice the stiffness of steel at one-quarter of its mass, while providing vibration damping properties up to twenty times better than steel and, importantly, thermal stability in conditions of widely varying machine operating temperatures.

According to Professor Milan Ruzicka, Head of the Mechanics Department at Czech Technical University, Prague, "This is where the technical benefits of composites lie. Companies embracing such solutions make them innovators and enhance their reputations as leaders in their field."

Follow the link to download the free white paper from the CompoTech website.

CompoTech (Compo Tech PLUS, spol s ro)visit website
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