Dunkermotoren joins MindSphere World e.V.

19 December 2019

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Dunkermotoren joins MindSphere World e.V.Automation is facing new opportunities and challenges as a result of digitalisation and new technologies such as the Internet of Things. In order to create effective added value in such an environment, a cross-manufacturer and cross-value chain approach is essential. Partner ecosystems thus play a decisive role in creating interoperable solutions across the board.

Dunkermotoren has recognised the importance of ecosystems in the IoT environment as a world market leader for integrated servo motors. With MindSphere World, Dunkermotoren has found a suitable partner ecosystem for the common path into the Internet of Things. Through strong partners from the fields of automation technology, system integration, mechanical engineering and software, interoperable IoT solutions based on the IoT operating system MindSphere can be offered, which would not have been feasible by any company.

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