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14 May 2020

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Comau is introducing Comau Talks, a series of vodcasts specially created to explain the characteristics and the potential of Comau’s new industrial automation technologies, with the aim of accompanying businesses and professionals in the delicate phase of industrial recovery. The programme is yet another way Comau is supporting companies in the design and reorganisation of their production strategies after the lockdown caused by the recent health emergency.

‘Comau Talks’ will be available in EMEA region on Comau’s main communication channels starting on May 15th at the following link, initially on set dates and times and then in on-demand mode. The innovative format brings together six different videos, lasting about 30min each, during which Comau experts will present the new technological offerings the company has developed for Robotics, Digitisation, Machining and Electrification applications. In each episode, Comau’s product and technology managers will explain the benefits of automation for production processes. In addition to each vodcast, informational material will be made available, including technical specifications and audio-video contents that add more depth to each proposal.

Maurizio Cremonini, Head of Marketing for Comau explains: “Industrial automation is becoming an increasingly strategic factor for the relaunch of manufacturing, especially during the restart phase imposed as a result of the health emergency. Companies are called upon to adapt new ways of working, and for this reason the reorganisation and optimisation of production processes will give new value to their activities, in any sector. During the Comau Talks, our experts, divided by specialisation areas, will provide explanations and advice on how to effectively use our most advanced technologies. With this initiative Comau wants to be even closer to our customers, helping them from a distance in the analysis and research of the most suitable solutions to successfully address new market objectives.”

Duilio Amico, Marketing and Network Development Director of Comau Robotics & Automation Products adds: “As part of the Comau Talks we will present our most advanced technologies in wearable robotics and 4.0 logistics, to explain how innovative robotics and automation solutions can make operators’ work easier, more efficient and safer at any stage of the production process. Particular emphasis will be put on the innovative Comau MATE exoskeleton, an in-depth look at the self-driven Agile1500 vehicle and the Comau PAL range of robots for palletising applications.”

Stefania Ferrero, Marketing Business Development and Digital Integration Director of Comau Machining says: “The vodcasts will accompany companies as they discover the entire range of products and solutions designed by Comau for Machining – from systems integration and the advanced management of complex lines, up to the mechanical processing of light structural components for various industrial sectors. It will be an opportunity to anticipate some of the novelties for what we would define as a new era, increasingly driven by innovation and oriented towards meeting the needs of our customers.”

Ennio Chiatante, Global Business Development Electrification for Comau, and Giovanni Di Stefano, Chief Technology Officer Electrification for Comau explains: “Thanks to this video format it will be possible to learn more about Comau’s technologies in the field of electrification, which have been developed within our Innovation Center, such as a specific focus on new vision systems for the assembly and welding of electric motors and batteries. In addition, we will also present specific application cases within innovative contexts and the benefits that our solutions have provided to our customers.”

Carem Rosito Mercio, Global Group Digital Transformation Manager at Comau concludes: “Comau Talks vodcasts will help companies identify the advantages and job opportunities offered by the Comau-developed technologies for digital manufacturing. This innovative initiative fully supports companies in the acquisition of tools and operating methods to complete their transition to Industry 4.0 and digital production, both of which are fundamental aspects in effectively facing the phase of industrial recovery.”

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