OPC UA-PN Companion Specification Version 1.0 announced

19 May 2020

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How can data from the field be introduced into an IT system, and how can information which benefits the user be gained from it? Teamwork by PI and the OPC Foundation is showing the way as a result of constructive collaboration between different technologies.

Since the very beginning, PI has always developed standards in close cooperation with users. Xaver Schmidt, Head of the PI Industrie 4.0 Working Group remarks: “First we have to find out what it is that users want. Only then can joint solutions be devised from this and products which have been tried and tested in practice finally created.”

This was also the case with OPC UA work. Schmidt says: “We had decided on this technology long before there had been so much talk about OPC UA in the market. PROFINET wasn’t developed for tasks like those currently covered by OPC UA. With OPC UA, object modelling can be mapped from a variety of different data sources, but this information has to be supplied first. This is precisely the task handled by PROFINET.”

Follow the link to download a more detailed article about OPC UA-PN Companion Specification Version 1.0 (MS Word file).

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