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Editor: Jonathan Severn
7th May 2014

A new list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) on 11 April 2014. As expected, EN ISO 14119:2013 (the standard for guard interlocks) is now listed. This is the only change to the Type-B standard, as all the other changes relate to Type-C standards.

A dozen changes have been made to the Type-C standards, these being a mix of all-new standards and new versions of existing standards. The changes relate to specific classes of machinery and equipment ranging from compressors and vacuum pumps through to woodworking machinery, machine tools and garden equipment. There is also a new version of EN 61496-1:2013 'Safety of machinery - Electro-sensitive protective equipment - Part 1: General requirements and tests'. Follow the link to see a summary of the changes in the latest list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards.


euCost-effective eloFlex safety controller is configured to order
Because the eloFlex configurable safety controllers are configured to order by Elobau, they offer benefits over many of the user-configurable alternatives. More?

rlSoftware configurable safety relay increases productivity
Rockwell Automation says machine builders can easily implement safety functions while improving productivity with the 440C-CR30 safety relay. More?

ptNew PLC Logic modular programmable logic relay system
Phoenix Contact's PLC Logic programmable logic relay system is compact, easy to program and highly versatile for small automation projects. More?

amCompact robot has 'class-leading speed and reach'
Small enough to fit on an A4 sheet of paper, the MZ07 robot from ATM is said to have the best speed and reach of any robot in the 5-7kg payload class. More?

bsDirect-drive actuators for turntable or pick-and-place applications
Bibus (UK) says the Absodex direct-drive rotary actuators provide excellent torque at low and high speeds, as well as precision motion and indexing. More?


hmHBM seminars combine DAQ knowledge with hands-on experience
HBM On Tour 2014 provides an excellent opportunity for engineers to learn about new measurement technologies and gain valuable hand-on experience. More?


ahHow to have a customised IPC for the price of a standard IPC
Advantech has published an Industrial PC Trends White Paper that discusses the shift from standard IPCs and customised IPCs to configured-to-order IPCs. More?

pzNew update to Pilz Machinery Safety Training Programme
Pilz has redesigned its 'Using PAScal Safety Calculator Software' course to take account of the new PAScal version that supports the VDMA 66413 library format. More?

me2D/3D laser profile sensors are smarter and smaller
Micro-Epsilon's new scanCONTROL 2600 / 2900 COMPACT series 2D/3D laser profile sensors are lightweight devices with integrated controllers. More?

skSick magnetic position sensors improve accuracy and control
Sick says its new MPS and MPA analogue sensors for standard pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders offer unprecedented positional accuracy. More?

usPalm-sized colour touchscreen PLC for an incredible price
Unitronics is launching the Samba PLC with integral 3.5inch touchscreen display and I/O, all for a price similar to that of a PLC with a simple text display. More?

prHow to design machine guards to deter defeating of interlocks
Jeremy Procter explains how carefully designed guards can discourage the defeating of interlocks during machine setting, operation and maintenance. More?

mseWON launches Flexy modular industrial M2M router
M.A.C Solutions says the versatile eWon Flexy machine-to-machine VPN router will revolutionise remote access to industrial sites and machines. More?

miNext-generation HMIs with multi-touch and improved performance
Mitsubishi Electric's GOT2000 HMIs deliver higher performance and plant efficiency through expanded functionality, cost-efficiency and easy integration. More?


Questions and quiescence
This week the Pointy-Haired Boss queries Dilbert's data, while Wally talks about how he has spent his time. More?


bhHow factory ergonomics impacts productivity, quality and health
Bosch Rexroth has published a new white paper that explains how ergonomics can boost productivity and quality, as well as employee health. More?

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