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Editor: Jonathan Severn
2nd March 2016

Many thanks to Stewart Robinson for contributing an article about the new edition of ISO 13849-1, and to Jeremy Procter for a piece about BS EN ISO 14123-1 (see below for both). Technical articles about machinery safety standards always generate plenty of interest among our readership but, if there is anything else you would like to read about, please let me know and I will endeavour to commission new articles from industry experts.

This month the European Commission Machinery Working Group is due to discuss and approve a new edition of its guidance on the application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The latest edition is expected to include comments relating to the most recent amendments to the Machinery Directive (concerning pesticide application machinery and the exclusion of tractors), plus further clarification on partly completed machines, the indicative list of safety components and other minor issues. Watch this space...


tvChanges in machinery functional safety standard ISO 13849-1:2015
Stewart Robinson of TUV SUD Product Service explains the changes in the new edition of machinery functional safety standard ISO 13849-1. More?

imVersatile and cost-effective PLC for safety and standard control
ifm electronic's SmartPLC combines the functions of safety and standard PLCs, AS-i gateway, protocol converter, display, data logger and web server. More?

skVersatile sensors detect objects any colour, even at high speed
Sick says that its new PowerProx sensors enable any object to be detected on a high-speed production line with just one range of sensors. More?

cdNew dual-extruder 3D printer and standalone control unit
Conrad is launching a 3D printer that can build parts from two materials, plus a standalone controller to negate the need for a connected computer. More?

eaNew IP65 flush fit compression T bar latch from Elesa
Elesa's latest flush-mounting compression latch benefits from several features that make it an excellent choice for IP65 machine panels. More?


daDrives & Controls seminar programme
This year's Drives & Controls event includes an extensive seminar programme, details of which have now been published. More?

hlLoctite webinars: how adhesives benefit you and your customers
Henkel's webinars cover engineering adhesives, instant adhesives, structural bonding, and the benefits of adhesives over other fastening methods. More?


fsStainless steel interlock switches and machine control stations
Fortress Interlocks' new modular amGardS40 stainless steel range includes solenoid locks, trapped key interlocks and machine control stations. More?

acNetworked, panel-mount piezo drive for co-ordinated motion
Aerotech's Ensemble QLe drive enables co-ordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes for demanding positioning applications. More?

brBosch Rexroth unveils Industry 4.0 training rigs
With hydraulic, pneumatic and mechatronic components, Bosch Rexroth's new training rigs are great for learning how to exploit Industry 4.0. More?

pzAudi uses decentralised I/O system for safety and automation
Audi is using the Pilz PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system at a second factory; this time it is in the A4 body plant at Ingolstadt, Germany. More?

mkStandard and custom Industrial Ethernet cables and connectors
Murrelektronik offers the widest range of Industrial Ethernet cables and connectors, and can supply them in quantities as small as one. More?

hmImproved insight when testing electric drive systems
HBM's eDrive system continuously stores all raw data during drive system tests, so users can identify ways to increase efficiency. More?

bnHeavy-duty Bowmet plain bearings out-perform alternatives
Bowman International says its new Bowmet heavy-duty, long-life, corrosion-resistant bearings are the biggest advance in plain bearings for 70 years. More?

ahNew platforms have 6th Gen Intel Core and Xeon E3 V5 processors
Advantech's latest modular IPCs, SBCs and other computing platforms have the processing power and capability required for IoT applications. More?


BS EN ISO 14123-1:2015, guarding against hazardous emissions
This article from Procter Machine Guarding explains the new machinery safety standard, which is replacing BS EN 626-1. More?


Contracts, competence and the continuum
This week Dilbert is involved with contracts and affidavits, the Pointy-Haired Boss can't manage to create a false sense of urgency, and Wally is himself. More?

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