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Even on its own, the Pilz PNOZmulti modular safety controller offers a good level of diagnostics via the front-panel LEDs and the facility for connecting a laptop PC via the PNOZmulti's serial port. But now machine operators and maintenance staff can benefit from better access to diagnostic data by connecting a Pilz PMI m107 machine interface directly to the PNOZmulti.

To further speed the process of faultfinding and rectification, the PVIS intelligent diagnostics technology provides step-by-step instructions in the form of easy-to-understand text messages that suggest to the user actions to take. This eliminates much of the guesswork that might otherwise be required, and also deskills the process so that it is not necessary to summon an engineer with expertise in safety-related control systems.

Messages are displayed on the integral 2.8in (128 x 64 pixels) transflective, sunlight-readable graphic display with white LED backlighting. An area at the top is normally devoted to error, warning and status information symbols, with the main part of the screen used to display the program version and up to five lines of text. The simple, intuitive keypad has three function pushbuttons and four arrow keys for navigating around the menus and messages. One of the function buttons provides access to context-sensitive help.

Full system messages, plus the texts for error messages and instructions for remedial action, are predefined within the PNOZmulti Configurator software, which means that the diagnostic display can be used immediately as a 'plug and play' device if desired. In addition, users can create diagnostic messages that are specific to an application; managers and system builders can therefore apply their expertise to help operatives and maintenance personnel rectify faults without having to consult control system experts. Six languages are supported, and users can switch between languages online - which is ideal when machines are being exported and commissioned abroad, and when training is taking place.

The PVIS technology continually evaluates the status of the PNOZmulti control system and, in the case of a fault, identifies the root cause, allocates responsibilities, and displays plain text messages and instructions for remedial action. And because the root cause of the fault is identified, no effort is wasted in attempting to resolve the 'wrong' problem.

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