Servos give twice the performance for 30 per cent less cost

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Servos give twice the performance for 30 per cent less costThe new MR J3 series is Mitsubishi Electric's latest generation of servo amplifiers and motors for industrial automation applications. Newly-designed and engineered, these servo drives are small, precise and easy to integrate. The MR-J3 series sports a host of features, setting new standards for machine builders. And prices are around 30 per cent lower.

The powerful amplifier and motors are significantly smaller than previous generations, thereby reducing the need for costly cubicle space and allowing the motors to fit easily and neatly into small recesses of the machine. Motor flange and shaft sizes are also compatible with those of previous Mitsubishi motors and those from competitors, making retrofitting them straightforward.

Advanced vibration suppression and real-time Autotuning ensure maximum precision and ultra-fast positioning. The adaptive control system delivers dynamic and vibration-free operation at all times, even in demanding applications.

Fully-automatic controller configuration makes installation simple and fast. Setup and diagnostics are easy thanks to the powerful Windows-based MR Configurator software. This provides tools such as an advanced graphical machine analyser, oscilloscope and high-speed sampling monitor, so optimum machine performance can be achieved with ease. Comprehensive configuration support is included, making it possible for even inexperienced users to configure the new servo drives quickly and accurately.

Mitsubishi claims that the servo drives and motors offer performance levels that are twice as good as the nearest competitor, in a package that is 40 per cent more compact (for example, a 400W servo drive measures just 40x168mm). In a typical packaging machine application, upgrading to the MR-J3 servo drives and motors resulted in the cycle time being reduced from 1.6s to 1.2s - which equates to an increase in productivity of 25 per cent.

Other benefits include advanced diagnostics and the fact that the servo drives can connect to almost any controller. Furthermore, a single range of motors covers all power requirements from 50W to 55kW, whereas competitors typically resort to three different ranges to cover this full spread of power ratings.

The motors are capable of taking maximum advantage of the Mitsubishi SSCNET III fibre-optic servo bus that can be used for applications using one to 128 servo axes. This bus can be used with Mitsubishi's high-end Q series PLCs as well as the FXU modular and FX3 brick PLCs.

The new MR J3 range further expands Mitsubishi Electric's comprehensive range of frequency inverters, servo drives and motion controllers. This enables the configuration of precisely-tailored drive systems for the full spectrum of industrial applications – from simple single-axis drives for point-to-point positioning to complex systems with 96 fully-synchronised axes.

28 September 2006

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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