Cost-effective operator interfaces are easily customised

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Cost-effective operator interfaces are easily customisedCitect UK is combining its CitectHMI product with Pro-face industrial PCs to provide the UK control market with powerful 100 I/O point operator interfaces that are both cost-effective and easily customisable.

The two new operator interfaces offer users the flexibility, scaleability and ease of use of CitectHMI software, packaged in the latest Pro-face Industrial PCs, which have leading-edge TFT flat screen technology and LCD displays, and provide exceptional levels of reliability.

The software component of the new interfaces, CitectHMI, is based upon what is claimed to be the world's largest SCADA system, CitectSCADA. It is a powerful entry-level HMI software package, developed specifically for machine, plant and equipment builders who require a flexible, easy-to-use operator interface that can be quickly tailored to end-user needs. With CitectHMI, OEMs can gain a real competitive advantage by reducing planning, development and commissioning times and consequent time to market.

CitectHMI offers OEMs the benefits of all-in-one functionality with a package that includes essential SCADA functions such as process visualisation, alarm processing, trending reporting and statistical process control (SPC). Designed primarily for standalone applications requiring 100, 300 or 600 I/O points, the software includes a wide variety of driver and connectivity options, up to three of the former being accommodated at any one time from an extensive library extending to 130 named vendors. In the unlikely event that the driver required is not in the library, then it is possible for the OEM to write his own using Citect's Driver Development Kit.

Complementing CitectHMI's powerful SCADA functions are features that make the HMI simple to configure and easy to use and customise. These include Customisable Installation, Online Runtime Language Switching to support global customers, OLE Automation for automated building of graphics pages, optional OPC server connectivity, CiCode and CitectVBA programming languages, and graphical elements such as Genies, Super Genies and ActiveX objects.

The Citect HMI software resides in two Pro-face industrial PCs: 12in and 15in TFT XGA units, both employing the latest LCD flat screen technology, resistive touch interfaces and Windows XP Pro, and offering 100 I/O point connectivity.

Equipped with a Celeron M 1.3GHz processor, the smaller 12in operator interface offers a comprehensive specification including 256Mbytes of RAM, 40 GByte HDD-FDD or CD-Rom, five USB ports, two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, one RS232 serial port and one PCI expansion slot, all for a total cost (with CitectHMI software) of £1800.

The 15in interface offers the same memory but integrates a higher performing 1.7GHz processor; it has four serial ports, three USB, one parallel and one 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port. The unit is fully functioned and is competitively priced at £2300.

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