Bearing induction heaters have higher output and lower prices

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SKF is relaunching its popular TIH medium induction bearing heater range. These lower-cost heaters combine the performance and energy efficiency of smaller models with the increased capacity of larger heaters. The latest models of SKF TIH heaters are easy to set up and use, feature a simple operator interface and magnetic probe for precise temperature measurement and are available with a wide range of options, including handling tools and gloves.

The company is replacing its existing TIH 070m and TIH 090m heaters with a single TIH 100m unit that combines high-capacity heating and user-friendly features at a lower cost. The new induction heater has been specially designed to minimise the time taken to install bearings, with a fast heating time to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

An innovative feature of the new TIH 100m medium induction heater is the location of the induction coil outside the heater housing. Two foldable support arms allow for easier and safer heating of larger diameter bearings and also serve as internal storage for yokes, thereby reducing the risk of them being damaged or lost.

Bearings can be placed around the coil to provide a heating capacity as high as 120kg (264lbs) and up to 60kg (160lbs) for solid components; heating times can be as low as 20 minutes for a 97kg (213lbs) load. The unit has twin handles for portability and an easy-to-use operator panel with LED display-integrated remote control, enabling it to be operated away from hot work and help protect control panel damage.

Three yokes are provided as standard to heat bore diameters of 20, 40 and 80mm. The largest incorporates the use of a swivel arm, which enables the bearing to be loaded without lifting or removing the yoke.

Potential risk of damage to coil or electronics is reduced by the use of thermal overheating protection. A temperature mode pre-set of 110degC helps to prevent bearing over-heating, while a user-friendly two-step power setting allows smaller bearings to be heated safely and with lower power consumption. Additional protective features of the TIH 100m include a temperature probe to prevent bearing overheating and automatic demagnetisation to prevent bearing contamination by metal particles in the surrounding area.

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