New AS-Interface products for safety engineering

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Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is expanding its product portfolio of devices for ASIsafe (AS-i Safety at Work). The additions include the new DP/AS-i F-Link, an ASIsafe K45F (4F-DI) compact module, and the ASIsafe position switches of the 3SE5 series.

The DP/AS-i F-Link is a device for the seamless integration of ASIsafe slaves into Profisafe environments. It collects the signals of binary safety sensors at the field level and forwards them to the higher Profibus level. The device therefore creates a safety-related gateway from Profibus to AS-Interface.

As a full AS-i master, in accordance with the new AS-i specification 3.0, the DP/AS-i F-Link also covers all slave profiles as well as controlling bi-directional communication of binary and analogue standard data. With integration into Simatic Step 7, users can configure ASIsafe slaves along the lines of Profisafe. The DP/AS-i F-Link can also be integrated into Profinet architectures through operation in fail-safe controllers such as S7-315F PN/DP.

The new ASIsafe K45F 4F-DI compact module offers twice as many safe inputs in the same housing as its predecessor, allowing the connection of two devices for Cat. 4/SIL 3, such as two emergency-stop or position switches. This reduces costs and utilises less space within the plant.

The new generation of ASIsafe position switches of the 3SE5 series economises on space by integrating the entire ASIsafe electronics into the housings of all the individual types. The ASIsafe versions of the position switches with tumblers only require connection to the yellow data cable, therefore dispensing with an additional external power supply.

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27 November 2006

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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