Freestanding cubicle drives save space

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Mitsubishi Electric is launching a new series of easy-installation space-saving freestanding cubicle drives. Incorporating the latest generation of energy-saving FR-F700 variable speed drives, the F700 FSU (floor-standing unit) is designed to provide a 'total solution' without the need - or cost - of building a special panel.

F700 FSU drives are rated from 45kW to 630kW and provide a cost-effective AC-in, AC-out option for IP20 standalone use, such as in a control room. Assembly and installation usually takes less than an hour with the unit being delivered in easy-to-handle, pre-drilled sections.

The drives are suitable for a wide range of applications from fans, pumps, conveyors and hydraulics to compressors, pumps and blowers, and are aimed at both retrofit and OEM users in manufacturing and building services.

Each completed unit incorporates a DC choke for reduced harmonics and, if required, an optional high-specification EMC filter to meet RF levels specified by EN 61800-3 standard Environment 2. The F700 FSU is for standalone floor mounting (with an enclosed rear), can be wall-mounted and comes in two sizes (1.65 and 1.9m).

As standard, the F700 unit incorporates an FR-DUO7 operator keypad that is quick and easy to use. The setting dial allows speedy entry of parameter values, with typical set-up taking less than 10 minutes. The unit also gives monitoring of I/O, power consumption and energy savings. The latter derives from the pioneering Optimum Excitation Control that is claimed to be unique to Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700 inverter drives. By ensuring that optimum flux is delivered to the motor at all times, the drives deliver power savings of around 10 per cent across the speed range – and more at lower speeds.

The F700 FSU incorporates a fitting point for an MCCB and further options include a keypad extension cable and Profibus, CC-Link and LonWorks communications.

Mitsubishi Electric inverter drives have been rated for three years running as the 'Most reliable inverter in Europe' by the IMS independent survey.

29 November 2006

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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