Fortress adds ASiSafe module to eGard range

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Fortress adds ASiSafe module to eGard rangeFortress Interlocks is introducing an AS-interface (AS-i) control and safety base module for its eGard system, enabling eGard to be simply connected to an AS-i 'Safety at Work' (ASiSafe) control network in minutes. This is said to provide significant time savings over other systems.

eGard is a modular system that can be used to control access to hazardous machinery, via gate switch and trapped key technology, and include simple machine or access controls such as push buttons, emergency stop switches and lamps. The AS-i base has two addresses: one for connecting the safety circuits and one for connecting the control I/O.

With the AS-i base module, installation of an eGard system on an AS-i network takes a matter of minutes from unpacking to commissioning. The eGard modules are simply clipped together and the AS-i cable connected. The extensive range of eGard modules enable makes the system extremely versatile for machinery safety applications; modules (functions) can also be quickly and easily added, should the machine or control system need to be upgraded. Compared to hardwiring, it eliminates dual safety circuit cabling costs, provides comprehensive diagnostics and features patented error checking.

The AS-i base module features an LED status indicator and an AS-i standard four-pin M12 quick-connect fitting for connecting dual safety circuits and up to four inputs and outputs.

About AS-i

AS-i is a cable network system that allows machinery safety technology to operate in parallel with standard machine controls on a single network with a common communication protocol (Actuator Sensor Interface).

06 December 2006

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