New low-cost digital multimeters for PCI and PCI Express

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New low-cost digital multimeters for PCI and PCI ExpressNational Instruments is expanding its line of digital multimeters (DMMs) with new low-cost 6.5-digit DMMs for PCI Express and PCI. The NI PCIe-4065 DMM - which is claimed to be the first DMM available on the PCI Express bus - and the PCI-4065 DMM offer measurements of: DC or AC voltage/current; two- and four-wire resistance; and diode test. The DMMs are suitable for educational laboratories, cost-conscious test and measurement facilities and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who embed DC or AC measurements into an end-product or test system. These products complement the NI 407x series of 6.5-digit and 7.5-digit FlexDMM devices that are suitable for higher-performance test and measurement requirements.

With the new NI 4065 DMMs, engineers can take advantage of the wide availability of PCI and PCI Express slots found in desktop computers, industrial PCs or expansion chassis to take DMM measurements in any environment – from a laboratory benchtop to a production test rack. With the NI-DMM Soft Front Panel and DMM/Switch Express VI software, engineers can either mimic benchtop DMM displays or build high-channel-count data-logging systems in seconds using NI SignalExpress. For automated test systems, NI 4065 DMMs are also compatible with NI TestStand, NI LabVIEW, Labwindows/CVI and Measurement Studio. With +/-300VDC/Vrms of isolation, current measurements up to 3A and two- or four-wire resistance measurements, NI 4065 DMMs can be used for almost all basic 6.5-digit measurement needs.

NI 4065 DMMs add to the existing family of NI DMM products that are said to deliver industry-leading measurement accuracy and resolution (see table). Engineers can integrate the new DMMs with modular power supplies, precision sources and switch modules from National Instruments to build complete precision DC measurement systems.

DMM ModelResolution/VoltageAccuracy (10 VDC range)Measurement SpeedBuilt-In Capabilities
NI 40656.5 digits, 300 V+/-950 uV accuracy (1-year calibration)3000 readings/s maxDCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2- or 4-wire O, diode
NI 4070/40726.5 to 7 digits, 300 V+/-310 uV accuracy (2-year calibration and self-calibration)10,000 readings/s max, 1.8 MS/s digitizer capabilityDCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2- or 4-wire O, diode, freq/period, L and C (NI 4072 only)
NI 40717.5 digits, 1000 V+/-125 uV accuracy (2-year calibration and self-calibration)10,000 readings/s max 1.8 MS/s digitiser capabilityDCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2- or 4-wire O, diode, freq/period

Sampling of NI DMMs

The new NI 4065 DMMs represent the latest in a series of new NI products built on the PCI Express platforms. While the NI PCIe-4065 has no additional capabilities compared to the PCI version, it offers engineers measurement capability on the latest standard PC bus to ensure long-term compatibility for their test and measurement applications.

About NI Modular Instruments

NI offers systems for test that combine high-performance hardware, flexible software and innovative timing and synchronisation technology for test and design applications. NI modular instruments offer accurate, high-throughput measurements from DC to 2.7GHz. The product family includes:

  • Digitisers/oscilloscopes (up to 24 bits, up to 2 GS/s, up to eight channels)
  • Signal generators (up to 16 bits, 200 MS/s)
  • Digital waveform generator/analysers (up to 400 Mb/s)
  • RF signal generators and analysers (up to 6.6 GHz)
  • Digital multimeters (up to 7.5 digits, LCR)Programmable power supplies (up to 20W, 16 bits)
  • Dynamic signal analysers (up to 24 bits, 500kS/s)
  • Switching (multiplexers, matrices, general-purpose and RF)

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14 December 2006

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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