Lambda launches new innovative NV-Power supplies

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Lambda is expanding its NV–Power family of configurable power supplies with the addition of two new model ranges. The new models are aimed at medical, broadcast, test and measurement, and general-purpose industrial applications that demand compact 1U high products in 300-960W power ratings.

The NV300 range offers 300W continuous output power from up to four configurable outputs in a compact 184 x 95 x 34 mm package making it what is claimed to be the smallest power supply of its type on the market today.

A patent-pending noise cancelling transformer is used in conjunction with Lambda's patented multi resonant topology (MRT) to give curve B EMC performance while achieving less than 300uA leakage current limit for medical applications. Output 1 has a 'power good' signal provided.

The NV700 range is of a classic modular design providing 960W continuous output power from up to nine outputs in a small 257mm x 127mm x 40.6mm package. Each module features 'output good' and 'inhibit' signals; low leakage current and curve B EMC performance are standard.

The configurable design of Lambda's NV-Power series allows a wide range of output voltage and current combinations to be supplied as fully approved samples on short lead times. No minimum load is required on any output.

Both the NV 300 and NV700 power supplies come with a choice of customer air cooling or low-noise temperature-controlled fans. Low-profile output connectors allow maximum airflow for optimised cooling efficiency.

Input is 90-264V AC, 45–63Hz, and Lambda's multiple efficiency gain (MEG) techniques produce what is said to be a class-leading efficiency of up to 90 per cent, depending upon the configuration. As well as valuable savings in energy consumption, the resulting reduction in waste heat is a critical feature for today's densely packed electronic systems. 5V 2A and 12V 1A ATX-compatible standby outputs are available as options for both model ranges.

All products in Lambda's innovative NV-Power range are approved to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 for general purpose applications, IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60601-1 for medical applications and IEC/EN 61010-1 for laboratory and process control applications. In addition, the units are CE marked.

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