Sick's new UE44X7 controller is sealed to IP67

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Sick (UK) Ltd is introducing the UE44X7 field-mountable controller for standalone and networked applications. The units are suitable for use within discrete machines or as part of a multiple-zone process line that requires complex function block logic. One major bonus is that the configuration software is free and based on the standard Sick CDS tool.

The rugged, standalone, IP67-rated units allow standard PLCs to control safety outputs without the need for a separate safety-rated controller. They are suitable for new and retrofit applications and offer easy connection to outputs on the device, as well as direct and easy assignment of inputs to outputs. The I/O supports both standard and safety-rated devices.

Sick says that system response time is greatly reduced with the UE44X7, as network transmission time can be eliminated. The fast shutoff function is fixed at 8ms or less and a logical combination of input signals using AND/OR functions simplifies controller-based application logic.

The safety-enabled capability allows a standard PLC to control the safety output such as an actuator via the network with the UE44X7 providing a safe switching signal. This eliminates the need for a dedicated safety PLC, simplifies the overall system and provides unmatched system performance in combination with fast shutoff. A supervisory safety-rated controller is therefore not needed for offline machines.

Up to 32 function blocks can be directly connected to the I/O. Logic can be implemented locally on the machine or cell and the CDS configuration software guides the user as to how many function blocks are available for the local application.

The UE44X7 units are extremely efficient and cost-effective for safety applications. Standard components can co-exist on the same physical media with DeviceNet Safety components without the need for special variants. Each unit supports the configuration and use of six dual-channel safety capable inputs, two dual-channel safety capable outputs and up to twelve test/signal outputs using a single node address.

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