PFE-series power supply modules need minimal cooling

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Offering space savings of up to 50 per cent compared with previous modules, Lambda's innovative new PFE-series AC-input 'full brick style' power supply modules are capable of delivering up to 700W while operating at up to 100degC base plate temperature. This greatly simplifies cooling requirements even when the modules are used in demanding environmental conditions.

Applications that previously required a half-brick AC front-end module and a full-brick DC-DC converter are now improved by the PFE module that is claimed to be the smallest and most powerful of its kind on the market.

Meeting the needs of many industrial, data communications and telecommunications applications, particularly where high operating temperatures are involved, Lambda's new PFE modules provide designers with power factor correction, regulation and isolation in a single convenient and compact package.

The fully regulated PFE 500-watt models are available with 12V, 28V and 48V nominal outputs that can be adjusted over a range of 20 per cent. The 12V PFE500 delivers 396W with a maximum base plate temperature of 85degC, while the 28V and 48V models provide 504W at 100degC base plate temperature. Line and load regulation is 0.4 per cent.

The semi-regulated PFE700-48 can deliver 714W with a nominal output of 51V, making it suitable for use as an intermediate bus converter to power regulated DC-DC converters in multiple-output applications. Maximum base plate temperature for the PFE700-48 is 100degC, with the output derating linearly above 85degC to 85 per cent load. Line and load regulation for this model is 4V.

PFE-series power supply modules accept a wide range of AC inputs from 85V to 265V. As standard, they incorporate active power factor correction and input-to-output isolation of 3000V AC. Over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection are included. The modules measure just 117 x 61 x 13mm, and can be cooled with a cold-plate or an optional heat sink.

When correctly installed, Lambda's new PFE-series modules meet Class B EMI standards (radiated and conducted), and are safety approved to UL60950-1 and EN60950-1. All units are RoHS compliant, and all carry the CE mark. Currently, the product line has seven patents pending.

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