ABB OS and OT switches are more compact

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ABB OS and OT switches are more compactUp to 48 per cent smaller in size, ABB's OS and OT switch range is excellent for applications where time, cost and space are at a premium. The OT switch disconnectors and OS fuse switch-disconnectors can be used as the main switch in low-voltage switchgear for power distribution, starting and stopping of motors, and isolating loads during maintenance. Available with metal or plastic enclosures, they can also be used as safety switches to prevent accidental starting of machines. For further protection, the external operating handles are double-insulated to eliminate the chance of touching live parts. The fuse covers also cannot be opened when the switch fuse is on.

The reduced size of both the OT and OS switches means that almost double the number of panels can be fitted onto a board approximately 1.3m x 2.3m, compared to their OETL and OESA range equivalents. This is extremely useful for installations where space is limited or at a premium.

Both the OT and OS switches can be installed vertically or horizontally, enabling users to position them according to the location of the incoming supply. They are fully rated for both enclosed and open environments, thereby negating the need for extra space if the switches are being used in an enclosure.

The OT range is available from 16A to 800A, while the OS switches are rated from 16A to 400A.

16 January 2007

ABB Automation Technologies (LV Products)visit website
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