Motor control centres offer diagnostics over networks

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To meet the needs of motor control centre (MCC) users, Rockwell Automation has developed the new Allen-Bradley Centerline 2500 MCC that boasts ease of installation, operation and troubleshooting. Designed to meet global standards IEC 60439-1 and IEC 60529, the Centerline 2500 MCC with Intellicenter technology offers real-time MCC diagnostics and monitoring over DeviceNet, ControlNet or Ethernet, which gives users unprecedented access to critical motor status information.

Rockwell Automation's factory configures and tests all Centerline 2500 MCCs' DeviceNet networks to simplify end-user installation and enable system-wide information sharing to maximise uptime. Built-in DeviceNet with Intellicenter software eases information sharing for predictive maintenance, quick troubleshooting and safety.

Marco Wishart, Centerline 2500 MCC programme manager, states: "Integrating the Centerline 2500 MCC with Intellicenter software allows users to bridge between DeviceNet and Ethernet, giving them remote monitoring access on- or off-site.

"This is a critical, time- and labour-saving feature, especially when MCCs are located in remote areas. It can literally put real-time operating information at a user's fingertips from anywhere in the world."

The Centerline 2500 MCC features high unit density with up to 24 modules in each column. Users can easily withdraw individual units for fast replacement and minimise maintenance and downtime. Four unit positions (connected, test, disconnected and withdrawn) are lever-operated for withdrawal and insertion without the need for tools. The test position allows users to disconnect the power line and load, yet still remain connected to control power and DeviceNet, so users can test the units while still in the motor control centre.

Centerline 2500 MCC features include arc containment latches to help protect against arc-flash hazards in the event of a fault, and three- and four-wire bus bar power systems to accommodate varying local requirements.

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