Simatic MV230 sensor inspects surface contours and profiles

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A new image processing system from Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) automatically inspects objects based on their surface contours and profile. The compact Simatic MV230 surface profile sensor with robust plastic/metal housing and a high degree of protection (IP65) is suitable for use directly on machines in harsh industrial environments. Its main areas of application include production engineering, the packaging industry and machine construction. The new system is 'trained' rather than programmed. Users need no special training, and even non-experts, will find it easy.

The system´s robust and reliable scanning and inspection process using the split-beam method and laser projection is immune to the influences of ambient light. The digital camera used for scanning comes equipped with a CMOS chip and has a resolution of 750 x 480 pixels. The display area is 75 x 100mm with an inter-object distance of 310mm. Objects up to 7cm wide can be inspected with a maximum difference in height of 100mm between inspection objects. The operator controls and display unit features four operator buttons, a text display for four characters and an LED display. It can be integrated into the plant automation systems via digital inputs and outputs.

The system can be taught up to sixteen inspection models, shortening the time needed for conversion to other models during ongoing operations. Models can be trained, based on the designated features of one or more "good objects". The inspection can be carried out on stationary or moving objects, where preset parameters determine whether the object passes or fails inspection. The inspection result is sent through two digital outputs as 'OK' or 'Not OK'.

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22 December 2006

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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