Sick introduces encoder with 30-bit resolution

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Sick (UK) Ltd is launching a new encoder that, when coupled to special evaluation electronics, offers 30-bit resolution. This level of accuracy will be of interest to those working with and designing systems and machinery that require high levels of accuracy and repeatability, such as positioning on pan-and-tilt assemblies and highly accurate azimuth and altitude positioning for telescopes.

With a resolution up to 262,144 x 4,096, the encoder is available in single- and multi-turn variants either fully sealed to IP65 or as modules to enable users to incorporate them into their own housings. A low part count, high operating temperature range (up to 125degC) and high level of shock and vibration resistance widen the application base yet further - for example, military equipment, where there is a need for high accuracy and robust construction, and metal processing plants that require resistance to high operating temperatures.

In operation the encoders are fully absolute, with all multi-turn variants using a gearing system to form positional values – there is no battery-buffered memory. As some control cabinets may need to be located some distance from the application, the encoders can communicate with the necessary evaluation electronics over distances up to 100m. Output from the evaluation electronics is SSI or Profibus, with DeviceNet, CANopen and Ethernet versions being available very soon.

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