Compact safety relay expansion unit adds timer function

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Compact safety relay expansion unit adds timer functionFollowing the successful launch of the PNOZsigma range of space-saving, multifunctional safety relays, Pilz is now introducing the latest model in the family, the PNOZ s9. This can be used either as an expansion unit to increase the number of safety contacts available on a PNOZsigma safety relay, or as a safe timer.

Just 17.5mm wide, this unit has one auxiliary contact and three safe timer output contacts. Depending on the relay to which it is connected, it can be used as a timer in safety-related control circuits meeting the requirements of BS EN 954-1 Category 4, BS EN (IEC) 62061 SIL 3, or prEN ISO 13849-1 performance level PL e.

Typical applications for the PNOZ s9 include time-delayed expansion for controlled stopping to EN60204-1 (as with the existing Pilz PZEX4V expander unit). It can also be used for a delay-on time delay for shot bolt timing (as with the existing Pilz PZA delay-on energisation timer), or for limited inch timing (as with the existing Pilz PZW pulse-on timer relay).

A further useful feature of the PNOZ s9 is its re-triggerable function; if the input comes back on before the time period has elapsed, the timed contacts will not open and then re-close.

In common with the other products in the PNOZsigma family, the PNOZ s9 benefits from a microprocessor that delivers improved diagnostics via six LED indicators on the front panel.

The PNOZ s9 expansion unit will be available from February 2007.

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