MPW 25 compact breaker protects motors up to 32A

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WEG's new MPW 25 compact motor circuit breaker incorporates thermal and magnetic trips to ensure full protection of electric motors up to 15kW, 380/440V (32A). The high interrupting capacity of the MPW25 allows its use even in installations with a high level of short-circuit currents.

A new addition to WEG's comprehensive range of LV switch and control gear products, the 32A-rated MPW 25 extends the operating range for the compact motor circuit breaker, providing panel builders and OEMs with a competitive, reliable and readily available unit that reduces costs through its ease of installation.

The MPW25 has a thermal release device that is adjustable for protection against over-current, and it is fitted with a differential mechanism for single-phase sensitivity of the installation and the motor, according to IEC 60947-4-11 release class 10. The magnetic release device is fixed and set for tripping at 12 times the rated current of the motor circuit breaker, thereby ensuring protection against short-circuits.

The power circuit of the MPW25 is three-pole and offers options of auxiliary contacts for the main circuit in front or side mounted versions. In addition, the MPW25 can be supplied as a compact starter, with a WEG contactor, and integrated into IP55-rated insulated enclosures - with red/yellow lockable rotary handles - for surface mounting. The MPW25 is also supported by voltage releases, 45mm and 55mm busbar adaptors, indicator lamps and a door-coupling rotary operating mechanism for applications where the MPW25 is installed in larger enclosures.

Mounting of the MPW25 is both simple and quick, either by connection on 35mm DIN rails or by means of screws through push-in lugs. Designed for operation in the range –50 to +80degC, the MPW25 offers IP20 protection (without enclosures) and is mechanically rated (AC-3) for 100,000 cycles.

Complementing the operation of the MPW25 is WEG's new LV range of products for the control and protection of electric motors up to 380kW/400V. The WEG LV range includes: CWC mini-contactors (rated for16amps AC-3 service); CWM contactors; RW..D thermal overload relays and accessories, which are rated for operation up to 700A AC-3; star-delta starters and MPW25 motor protective circuit breakers. Also available are DOL starters with IP55 protection for motors up to 18.5kW/400v; and the CSW line of pushbutton and signalling products that offers users a 'quick-fix' system for fast mounting, as well as industry-standard 22mm cut-outs.

05 February 2007

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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