SKF unveils Multilog on-line condition monitor

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SKF unveils Multilog on-line condition monitorBy offering continuous condition monitoring on up to three channels, combined with almost instantaneous crash detection, SKF's new Multilog On-line System TMU helps to protect valuable machines against the effects of slowly developing problems - such as bearing wear - as well as sudden and potentially serious problems - such as tool collisions.

The Multilog TMU is a rugged, compact unit that can optionally be supplied in an IP65 enclosure for mounting directly on a machine, and it has three input channels for connection to permanently installed vibration or temperature sensors. Based on the inputs from these sensors, the Multilog TMU performs real-time multi-parameter analysis and compares the results against user-defined alarm conditions, providing alerts if any of these conditions are reached.

If the Multilog TMU detects a sudden shock, which may indicate a collision or a machine component failure, it generates an output within 10 milliseconds. This allows immediate action to be taken to shut down or unload the machine, thereby guarding against further costly damage.

In addition to alarm generation, the Multilog TMU also collects data, which it stores in its internal memory for later analysis and use as an aid to optimising operating, maintenance and lubrication regimes. Not only does this greatly reduce the risk of unplanned machine downtime, it also allows the life of equipment and plant to be extended.

Fully self-contained with its own powerful microprocessor and large integral memory, SKF's Multilog On-Line System TMU can be used as a standalone device. Alternatively, multiple units can be networked as the basis for a plant-wide monitoring system. In networked configurations, the on-board processing power of the Multilog TMUs means that network loading is minimised, and that the monitoring and protection functions remain available, even if the operation of the network is interrupted.

The new Multilog TMU is designed for use in conjunction with SKF's Machine Suite software package. This has been specifically developed to meet the needs of operations and maintenance staff, and integrates easily with plant-wide reliability programmes.

Machine Suite provides operational staff with the information needed to make minor adjustments when problems are detected, while providing maintenance staff with advance notice of the need to plan corrective action during scheduled stoppages, along with advice on the types of corrective actions that are needed.

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