ESAB offers entry-level automated cutting systems

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ESAB offers entry-level automated cutting systemsFor those fabricators looking to move away from employing sub-contractors for sheet metal cutting, ESAB Automation offers the Ultrarex UXB co-ordinate gas cutting machine. It features photo-electric tracing and is suitable for cutting a range of materials from 3-200mm thickness, dependent upon model. It can be equipped with CNC control and is easily integrated into other manufacturing facilities.

A low capital investment cost, low maintenance requirement, high-speed cutting and precise guiding accuracy are just some of the most important features of the Ultrarex UXB. It is equipped with a robust and proven co-ordinate drive and a tracer control system.

Profile cuts of any kind are carried out by transference of the photo-electric tracing from 1:1 tracer drawings or silhouettes to the machine's cutting torches. No tracer drawings are required for straight-line cutting or applications covering the rectangular bevelling of plates. Cutting in all four co-ordinate directions is simply carried out by operating a selector switch on the control head. A gangway between the machine track and the cutting table is provided to allow the operator to monitor the cutting process.

The Ultrarex UXB can be equipped with up to four machine cutting torches, making it suitable for both one-off and batch production jobs.

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