Reali-Slim bearings last up to five times longer

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A new, more accurate method of projecting bearing life has confirmed that the ratings of many Kaydon Reali-Slim bearings exceed previously published figures - by five times in some cases. Kaydon Corporation bearings are supplied in the UK by RA Rodriguez.

The dynamic capacity improvements for Reali-Slim bearings vary with type and size; increases for Type X, the four-point contact bearing, range from 31 to 77 per cent. As part of the validation process, Kaydon Corporation also tested thin-section bearings from several competitors. The actual dynamic capacity of those bearings were found to be up to 72 per cent lower than their published ratings.

Kaydon Corporation's revised ratings are derived from a new method of calculation developed specifically for thin-section bearings. It integrates theoretical projections with actual test data instead of simply estimating bearing life as is the practice of other manufacturers. The Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division is believed to be the first thin-section bearing manufacturer to adopt this methodology.

These ratings have been published by Kaydon Corporation in a new edition of its product catalogue and are included in the new Reali-Design software that is available for download at

23 February 2007

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltdvisit website
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